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Service & Maintenance

It’s not service, unless it’s complete peace-of-mind.

Annual maintenance is essential for all heating systems; it increases reliability and maximizes fuel economy. At Charles River Energy (CRE) our goal is to save you money, both for fuel and service. While heating systems have become more reliable, proper annual maintenance is a key component to long system life and trouble free operation. CRE offers two service options for home owners: the "OnCall" plan, or our "BurnerPlus" plan. Both entitle you to the same response from our qualified committed staff, 365/24/7. We stand for reliable service and honest pricing.

Massachusetts Burner License #143658

OnCall Service Plan. The OnCall plan allows you to pay for repairs and maintenance as needed. Home owners with newer or more reliable systems will find this payment plan the most economical and effective. When you call, we come out and fix the problem without haste, 24/7/365.

Daytime Rates (7am-5pm, Mon-Fri) $90.00/hr. $35 – 1/2 hr. thereafter
Emergency Service (outside business hours) $125/hr. $50 – 1/2hr. thereafter
Annual Tune-up $125 plus tax

Burner Plus Service Plan. During the term of this agreement, Charles River Energy will replace at our expense, any of the following parts if they become defective during the contract year. Labor is not covered on the installation on any other parts

• Burner primary control
• Altitude and pressure gauge (Tridicator)
• Burner air tube
• Burner fuel pump & motor
• Cad cell relay
• Electrodes
• Electric wiring (connected with unit)
• Ignition cable
• Oil filter
• Nozzle
• Pressure reducing valve (water)
• Smoke pipe & fittings
• Tank gauge & whistle
• Thermostat (1-standard type)

Hot Water, Warm Air, Hydro-Air Systems
• System 2000 Manager
• Hot water circulator (limit 1)
• Circulator bearing assembly
• Circulator coupling
• Zone valves (limit 1)
• Expansion tank
• Hot water circulator control
• Fan motor (up to ½ HP)
• Fan belts & pulley
• Aquastat

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